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Full Version: Easily toggle lyrics on/off
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I have the CU LRC lyrics add-on installed, but I only like to use it every once in awhile. Is there an easy way to turn it off? I use the iOS remote. If I press "back", it closes, but it opens again on the next track. So I have to go deep in the menus (System > Settings > Add-ons > Enabled Add-ons > Lyrics > CU LRC > Disable).
go to the addon settings and disable this option:
Display lyrics automatically

now when you want to use the addon, use the lyrics button on the music osd.
Just my 2 cents:

I am puzzled by the choice to make it appear automatically by default. It pops up over whatever menu or whatever else I'm doing, every single track, and has to be dismissed before I can go back to what I was doing. By default is also downloading and littering my hard drive with lyrics for every track I've played. I love having the option to look up lyrics directly from the OSD if I want, and this plugin does a great job of quickly and accurately pulling lyrics from a lot of sources, but why not allow users to find that setting and enable it if they want to, rather than making everyone who installs Kodi come here and figure out how to turn that setting off?

I don't mean to sound like I'm griping, it's just that it's not even easy to find this answer when you search. There are a lot of people who apparently want to disable it, so there are a lot of threads about it, and some have bad info that discuss how to remove the entire add-on (which I definitely didn't want to do). It seems like it would be easier if this were not default behavior and people who want lyrics to pop up constantly could just enable it. Again, just my thoughts. No disrespect or ingratitude intended. Thanks.
i believe the majority of the people who install a lyrics addon intend to use it on a regular basis,
therefor (and to make the usage of the addon as easy as possible) it will autorun by default.

for the minority who likes to use it every now and then, i added to option to disable the autorun feature.

i'll sticky this thread so it's easier for people to find the (correct) info about this.
The function mentioned as the solution does not appear on my menu.
Can someone help me disable lyrics?
Looked like a nice option when I installed the add on...but after using I wish I never installed it.
Can anyone help me get rid of this?
well, you can uninstall it.