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Full Version: Just purchased the Armada M8 (Android Version)
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And I wanted to know if I will need to add an external HDD for fanart, nfo, etc. I have a system that has been serving as a NAS and HTPC for quite some time and it has everything that is needed. I am looking into setting up MySQL, but I'm still not sure if media accessories that are scraped from my NAS will be stored locally on that measly 16GB (probably 14.4GB after formatting and bloatware).
The fanart & thumbs will be stored locally, but looking at my entire roaming folder, it's under 5gigs total, and using a clean-up tool should/could be 3 gigs. You can always choose a path substitution for your art., but I wouldn't bother.
I have 16GB of thumbnails/fanart. Not sure how much of that is "extra." I guess if push comes to shove, I can get a 32GB thumb drive and use path substitution.
Hitting properties in your roaming thumbnail folder on windows, should tell the tale. If it's truly 16GB, you definitely need one of the cleanup utilities.