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Full Version: Certain colors (red, etc.) pulse during playback
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I am running Kodi on a Window 8.1 notebook from HP. It is an AMD A-10 5750M with 8gigs Ram.

The videos from online streaming sources play fine, with one exception. I get a strange pulsing/light flashing on colors sometimes. The color red, and colors close to it, seem to be the worst culprit. I've tried playing different settings, but can't seem to make it better. It happens on videos from pretty much every source. The pulses come and go.

Any suggestions on what I can do?

Do your get the screen flashing in windowed mode ?(hitting the slash key will bring you into windowed mode) this sounds more like a hardware or gfx driver issue. I've seen this with laptops that have bad or breaking down of the hinge connector. Make sure you have the latest drivers.
Crap AMD drivers strike again, see this thread 208314 (thread)

1st check if all CCC video settings are set to use video playback software and make sure Dynamic Contrast is off, see 1899972 (post)

2nd If that doesn't solve it, then try the 14.2 test build @ 216275 (thread) as this includes a fix for AMD GPU's.
another issue could be that saturated reds show the most compression artifacts and are subject to look very bad especially on lower bitrates
I will give these suggestions a try, and I thank you all for your help!