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Full Version: remote xml help
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just setup another box, CEC is working well but i have a few buttons i would like to change the functions of, i have created a remote.xml file that is empty and debugged the buttons i wanted to change but im stuck at how exactly to do that. i dont understand where i should be putting the keys and if i should be using "tab" or the "0xf009" . these are the 5 keys that i would like to customize and leave everything else the way it is now.

14:45:58 T:3042955808 DEBUG: OnKey: tab (0xf009) pressed, screen saver/dpms wo ken up
14:46:03 T:3042955808 DEBUG: OnKey: z (0xf05a) pressed, action is
14:46:05 T:3042955808 DEBUG: OnKey: i (0xf049) pressed, action is Info
14:46:07 T:3042955808 DEBUG: OnKey: c (0xf043) pressed, action is ContextMenu
14:46:12 T:3042955808 DEBUG: OnKey: backspace (0xf008) pressed, action is Back

i wanted the "tab" button to be codec info in fullscreen and context menu everywhere else. and "backspace" to continue being back obviously, but in full screen video i would like it to be stop. my code below doesnt work. can someone tell me what im doing wrong? thanks in advance everyone!

so i got the keyboard editor addon to work correctly. so my above post isnt relevant now.. thanks