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Full Version: XBMC pauses after 10 minute playback
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Please help me fix the issue when the video stops playing after 10 minutes but the sound is still on. I have XBMC Frodo 12.2 installed on my smart tv. I am new to this. I'd appreciate it if I can get step by step instructions. Thank you.
O0 Frodo on a smart TV?

OK but why not latest Helix 14.1 release to start with?
Hi. Thank you. The LG smart tv only came with that version. You mean to say download Helix instead? What is the source url I need to use? Please advise. Thank you.
See: Android (wiki)
(2015-02-17, 05:18)torontokid Wrote: [ -> ]The LG smart tv only came with that version.

I haven't heard of that yet. Since when does LG ship XBMC?
You actually bought it a normal store?

other than that, follow the link Ned gave
Thanks, Ned... Martijn, I connect my LG to a router, it might have had a built in Android system and then I installed the XBMC app. I will give this a try. Thank you.