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Full Version: Migrated from XBMC 14 to KODI (Helix) - TV Headend not available
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Hello together,

I´m new in this forum, but after a research about multiple hours in Google and the last time here without a final answer, I decided to post my question here. If the contents should be already discussed, please excuse.

I´ve used XBMC v14 until today with the PVR TVHeadend-Client and it worked very well.
Now, I´m migrated to KODI (14.1 Git:2015-01-30-38e4046-dirty), but I´m not able to get it work.
It´s running on a Mac OS X Yosemite.

When I´m looking at Add Ons > Deactivated Add Ons, I see many different PVR Clients, but not a TV Headend HTSP-Client.
Also a Search for "TVHeadend" does not returns any results.
Is anybody here who can tell me if it´s a specific problem in my environment or a general "situation"?

If further information is required, please let me know.

Best regards,
Try the new pvr.tvh compatible TVHeadend addon for OSX in this post:
(I think it installs correctly From Zip)



Thank you so much. Tried it and it works very well.