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Full Version: Kodi 14.1 & Quartz 5.1.2 - live tv not working
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I enabled the "Live TV" option in main menu and configured the iptv simple client using the Quartz skin, however when I choose "Live TV", it gives me a black screen, even though I do see a message appear that 1 channel has been loaded.

Here is a snippet from the kodi.log file, could this be the cause?

ERROR: unable to load:c:\users\arlindo\appdata\roaming\kodi\addons\quartz-master\1080i\MyPVRChannels.xml, Line 0

Also, when I first performed a fresh install of Kodi and used the Confluence skin and configured "live tv", it worked. Then I installed the quartz skin and "live tv" does not work, then I decided to switch back to Confluence, but it's also not working anymore and only worked on a fresh install of Kodi?

According to this forum below, it seems someone experienced the same issue with the Transparancy skin.


Any advise?
It's not implemented yet. Sad

I want it Live TV on Q5 too.

Let's hope developer decide to do this Smile
(2015-02-19, 00:57)queeup Wrote: [ -> ]It's not implemented yet. Sad

I want it Live TV on Q5 too.

Let's hope developer decide to do this Smile


a copy of my (personal) mod with working pvr & I stress on personal being setup to suit my taste .enjoy
thanks skb1, it worked great!
works like a charm Big Grin

great work!
moving menus is slightly slow, @ skb1 anyway to speed it up?
Well I hav e no problems with speed on menus or anything for that matter , Cause I'm using zotac zbox id82 running openelec but I'll check it out. Are you talking about view menu in pvr?
Sorry i meant loading pvr channels...takes few sec longer then other skins.

openelec running it on rasp-p2

fyi - anyway to reset the back to default live tv group after rebooting. It seems to remember the last group it was on.
@skb1 could you contact with developer and put your work in to quartz 5? Maybe you can fork github repo and send pull request?
I have a general question about the m3u playlist format. Not sure if I should open a separate topic for this, but I will try to post my question here and maybe someone could help.

I see that the a m3u playlist is a simple text file with a bunch of links to play/steam, I am looking for a tool/utility that can read the m3u playlist and try each connection and if it works, keep it and if it does not, remove it. This is basically to eliminate any bad live tv channel streams that don't work.

Anyone aware of such a tool?
You should ask this somewhere relevant to IPTVSimple.
will do. thanks