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Full Version: Make recently added album widget play in order?
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Using the confluence skin (in 14.1 Helix release), when I click on any album in the Recently Added widget it starts playing the tracks in alphabetical order. Is there a way I can force it to play them in the actual order of the album?
Can someone at least tell me what's happening here? Is it an issue with Kodi, or with Confluence?
Open the music view, go to the album, press Left and look down at the side blade that pops out. You should see a Sort By option there.
Wow. Duh. Albums were sorted, by title, but in album view they showed up with track numbers anyways. Switching to "track" sorting shows the same way, but now it plays the way I wanted from the widgets. Thanks man, it was one of those things that was so simple I never would have figured it out, Smile