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Full Version: will new update kill sideloaded apps?
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Hi all,

If one was to have kodi sideloaded onto a fire tv box, and amazon decide to push another update, would it totally overwrite anything that is sideloaded?

I only ask as I believe my ftv can not be rooted as the ser no is 70900309444307CL, I used the serial checker over at aftvnews and i had this come back:

Rootable: No
Likely Software Version:
Manufactured: By Foxconn on 10/29/2014
Hardware Revision: 03
Unit Revision: 09
Condition (New or Refurbished): New

any advice would be very helpful, thanks chaps...
So far Amazon has not done this and I doubt they would do it. They use normal Fire TVs and Fire TV sticks as developer units, so developers can test their apps. Turning off sideloading for normal customers would also cut off developers for the Fire TV.
Thanks Ned,

a little peace of mind....