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Full Version: Text not showing when typing
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I'm a big fan of the SiO2 skin. One thing I have noted is that when doing a search on text, the on-screen keyboard only shows what you type when the cursor/mouse pointer is located in the text field. If you put the mouse pointer anywhere else over the keyboard the text doesn't show. For comparison in the Confluence skin the text one types is always shown irregardless of where the cursor/mouse pointer is positioned over the keyboard.

Great if you could check and fix this!

I'll try to fix the issue.

This is by far my favorite skin but I can't see what I'm typing when I search. Is there a fix for this?
could you guys try the latest gut hub version ATV3 branch...


install from zip and see if the issue gets solved please.
i go to manual search string and the keyboard shows up.but the done, ip address ,space .... is covered by the play line.

sio2-x dont have this issue it show the whole keyboard in the front.
fixed in latest github version, please test!

Exellent u are the mann fastcolors