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Full Version: No fullscreen TV when switching channels with tvheadend client
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I'm using the Tvheadend client 0.9.8 on both Openelec and Windows 8. The Tvheadend frontend runs on the Openelec machine.
Everything works great, but I got one little problem.
I've unticked the option: start playback minimalised in the Kodi TV settings.

When nothing is playing and I go to the channel list in Kodi and select a channel this works as intended (the channel list disappears and fullscreen playback starts).
But when I select the channel list again, while the TV video is still playing and select another channel it changes channel but the channel list doesn't disappears and it doesn't go to fullscreen playback.

I've also got some enigma2 boxes and when I use the VU+ pvr addon on the same Kodi clients this "problem" doesn't happen.

Hope someone here can help me out with this one.

I can confirm this happens to me also with openelec/tvheadend on Chromebox, Rpi and Win 8.1.