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Full Version: Volume control LG Android TV
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I am running 14.1 and have an issue with the controlling of the volume. With any other app as well as regular TV, the rocker for volume controls the external amplifier I have setup using the IR blaster. However, when I use Kodi, the main volume control now adjusts the volume for Kodi which doesn't adjust the volume on the external amp. So I adjusted the keymap and enabled passthrough, so the volume control doesn't do anything to Kodi, but it is still not associated with the external amp. Is there something I can do within Kodi or how it is running on my android device so that it maps back to the external amp like with all the other apps and TV? Thanks!
What you probably want is to edit the keymap (wiki) and remove the Kodi mappings for "Volume Up/Down" in Global-Audio.
This way, Kodi will ignore the volume commands sent by your remote, which will properly propagate to your amp.

Or is it what you already tried?
Nevermind, it won't work.
Working on it...
Thanks for the quick response.

I thought editing the keymap to remove all the global volume commands would work and while it does make Kodi ignore those key commands, my amp doesn't react to it. Is it something that needs to be changed in the way the apk installs and loads?
No. It's due to the fact that Kodi is capturing the volume keys nonetheless.
Thanks- looking forward to a workaround in a future version. Other than that everything works great!!
Could you test http://mirrors.xbmc.org/test-builds/andr...bi-v7a.apk (Helix) and report whether it solves your issue, please.
Thanks for getting a build out so quickly. I installed it and while it does allow for control of my external amp, no sound is produced at all. There is a red icon in the corner of a speaker crossed out (like a no smoking sign). I assume it can't detect the sound card for processing or something. I tried deleting the keymap that I had in the userdata folder and also tried enabling passthrough, but to no avail. The red icon is still in the corner and no sound is produced.

So while it does not take over full control of the volume control, it doesn't produce sound, What just occurred to me is to try enabling the internal speaker on the TV and seeing if that works. I have disabled the internal TV speaker as it should pass it to the external amp/
The icon you're talking about is the "mute" icon for kodi. Try to raise the volume on kodi only thru the onscreen menu. That should raise the volume then you can control the volume thru your amp
Thanks! I will try that when I get a chance. Another case of Occam's Razor....
Unfortunately that wasn't it. I set the onscreen volume to the max but nothing was produced. The mute icon shows up when I first load Kodi, so before I even browse and then play a video.
I tried it again today and magically it started working! I have no idea why and didn't change any settings but the sound was coming over my amp speakers and I could control it with the remote!