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Full Version: Stream transcoded to VP8 does not start
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I am playing around with transcoding in TVH.

I have noticed that transcoding to VP8 requires less cpu power and gives me hardly any hicups and no freezes in the output stream.

I can open such a stream without problems in VLC. However, when I try to open the transcoded stream in Kodi, it gives me a loop in the buttom right corner saying "Working", but it does not actually start.

I have saved the stream in VLC to a webm file and I can play back the stream without problems in Kodi. (If needed I can post this clip).

Further info:
- the stream profile I have used is one of the default ones available in TVH called webtv-vp8-vorbis-webm
- If I use another video codec (e.g. h264 from the profile webtv-h264-aac-matroska) it does work
- I have the same problems with Kodi under OSX and Linux (XBMCBuntu) and iOS 8.
- I try to open the stream from "Files" view, using a hts tvheadend source
- If I use the TVH PVR addon (Tvheadend htsp client 2.0.5 ) it does start, but without sound (if I change the audio to aac it does work)

- Logging from within TVH: http://pastebin.com/gKuyeE8P
- Debug log from Kodi: http://pastebin.com/KbDtEcbb The interesting part is between 11:45:12 and 11:45:53

Do you have any idea why the stream won't start?