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Full Version: Backup Program add on giving script failed error
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Just started running Helix 14.1. When trying to backup using the backup add on I am getting 'script failed: xml backup' error. Any suggestions or fixes?
Hi! I've solved the problem by unchecking "Compress Archives".
Having problems with this too.

Upon trying to do a restore, the progress bar says 100%... and then I get a "Backup: script failed" error.

When I try to reboot, I see the openelec splash screen... then the kodi splash screen... and then a black screen, and that's where it hangs, so the restore (or crashed script?) hosed the card and I have to reinstall from scratch.

I'm not using compression.

I have all the boxes checked for files to backup except for the last 2 "custom directories"

I am however trying to restore a backup from an install running on a Pi2 to an install running on a Pi B. Is that what's causing this problem?
Hello! I had the same problem, was trying to backup and got an error, with or without compression. The problem was that my backup directory contain greek letters.