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Full Version: Lirc after Helix Upgrade
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First, I love this Kodi sofware. Thanks to all who develop it.

I upgraded from Gotham to Helix.
I built Helix from git source code using these instructions:
HOW-TO:Compile_Kodi_for_Linux (wiki)

My Gotham installation was stock from fedora 20 repositories.

I have found that in order for Lirc to work with Kodi, I have to invoke kodi with --lircdev /var/run/lirc/lircd
If I don't, then Kodi attempts to use /dev/lircd.
I don't have /dev/lircd because I run lircd with --connect as my lirc receiver is attached to a different machine.

Is this expected to need --lircdev for Kodi as compared to Gotham?

I'm just wondering if I might have built Kodi improperly.