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Full Version: Deezer Addon?
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Hi Guys,
sorry at first, my english is not the best :-)

Is there any way to use Deezer on Kodi?

Thx for Help!

Greetings from Germany
I would also like to use Deezer on my RPi Smile
i think there are similar limitations like spotify due to api.
iirc only 30 seconds of a songs are freely playable.
Spotify add-on exist today. And what about deezer? Smile
Deezer would be awesome!
Spotify addons work because Spotify publish an API which works with their premium subscription. Deezer seems to have an API available to developers so it should be technically possible but I suspect it would be the same as Spotify in requiring a subscription to work.
Yes, but I wonder would it be possible to play artist mix like in Vewd store demo?