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Full Version: "Idle scan muxes"/"discovery", - detecting wrong frequencies.
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Right here's an interesting one.

I live in the UK and so add the Sky EPG mux (open non encrypted mux that contains a list of all the muxes) to tvheadend then set "idle scan muxes"/"discovery" to get all the over muxes picked up.
There's one mux that simply wouldn't pick up any data no matter how many times I set it to scan in again (11680.77v) about 30 services on there that I've verified as being correct and active, not duplicates or leaving that frequency soon etc.

Now here's the thing, I was tearing my hair out here as couldn't comprehend why this wouldn't scan in and put it down to bad cabling/LNB messed up etc etc.
However, when I changed the frequency to remove the .77 and so the frequency being added was 1168000 instead of 11680.77 - all of a sudden it scans in no problem at all.
The strange thing is this doesn't seem to be an error as such as kingofsat also lists it as 11680.77

Could someone shed some light on what's going on here?

I did a quick test with a freesat box to see if this mux scans in properly and it does

My setup is latest tvheadend 3.9.25xx
XBMC 15 Alpha 1 (built 25th Feb)
TVH Client 2.1.1
TBS-6985 quad tuner - drivers from Luis Alvares built a couple of days ago.

Many thanks.

NOTE, the muxes discussed here are OPEN non encrypted muxes.