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Full Version: Installing non repo skins on AFTV
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I'm a noob with the AFTV, I've followed the instructions on how to install Kodi, well I actually installed SPMC, but I use a skin which is not available via a repo and for windows I simply place the skin folder in addons. So is there a way to be able to load the skin onto the AFTV? Is there anything available to help me with this?


System > Add-ons > Install from zip file

Then navigate to were you have the skin zip saved and install it.
Thanks Tinwarble, forgot to say the skin can't be installed via that option it has to be unzipped and the moved to addons.
Why can't it be installed as a zip?
"Install from zip file" just do what you describe.

So just zip the addon from, e.g., your windows machine, make it available on your AFTV and select it.