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Full Version: XBMC help
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Not sure if this is the right subforum to post in but any help most welcome. Bought an android box about a year ago and never seem to of been able to get anything running properly on it. No matter what i clicked on i would either get script error or one or more items failed to play. Have just started using it again as i have been told this was down to me being in the UK and i need to get a DNS or VPN so thought i would try and get it working. Complete novice when it comes to this so any help would be so greatfull as i keep having to resort to shitty wiziwig streams to watch games on my laptop which is near enough impossible to tell whos who from the terrible quality.

Firstly, i notice people saying that they use Kodi on laptop/pc and about the different version updates (Gotham) etc. How do i check what version my box is running as i cant find anything at all clicking through all the settings, does it update automatically when a new version is out or does it give me a notification etc.

Secondly, my box is only a dual core, does this matter as i see a lot of people saying to only go for quad

If i was to get a VPN or DNS, how does it work? Eg. is it a one use thing in that if i do it on my laptop i cant do it on any other device or do i need to go in through my android box's browser and do it that way? Or is it more simple case of it just giving me a username and password that i could use on whatever android device i want? Eg if i have it on my android box at home but then decide to take my laptop to a relatives house i can just use it there using my details?

As said, complete and utter novice with this and after using it as a paper weight for the past year, any help on getting it working properly would be greatly apreciated
Sounds like the UK is blocking certain sites because of bootleg/pirate content, and those are the kinds of add-ons you are using. Please note that the Kodi project does not promote, discourage, or encourage any such add-ons or services, but we cannot help you with them per our forum rules (wiki).