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Full Version: small DP update went wrong - no library or downloads
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I thought that the small DP updater would install Kodi over XBMC 13.2 [which I had setup just right]..

so I ran the small DP update program.. and after restarting XBMC 13.2 is still there and the settings are all back to default, and worse the library metadata is not there and the items I had previously downloaded to the USB are gone..

so if it is normal during an update to re-set everything back to default, how do I avoid this happening again.Huh
is it possible to backup my settings, then update to kodi, then re-apply my settings..?
how do I update from 13.2 to Kodi anyway..?

DP - that's the name of the droid player installer which I thought was responsible for the installation of xbmc > now know as Kodi.. perhaps I am in the wrong place here.. I know very little about the workings of these boxes..

as it did not work. how would I install Kodi on my droid player box..?
we don't know anything about DP and certainly don't support it.

All official downloads can be found here
thanks for the reply.
so if I get KODI from your link attached is it going to do what I set out to do initially.. or should I get it from the DP site..?
We are the only official website to get XBMC/Kodi. Do you want XBMC/Kodi? Then get it from our website.