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Full Version: datho-digital vpn error
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Please can someone help me. I'm constantly getting thee "there was an error, The vpn client was not able to connect" message when choosing a vpn from any country. I have tried all the suggestions in the step by step guide, but still to no avail. I'm running this on the keedox m8 android box. Can anyone save me from this misery
nope - reach out to the guys at DATHO
Yea, i have. It's just taking a while for them to get back to me, which is understandable. I'm just impatient and was hoping someone mayb had the same problems.
If anyone else was having this problem, I have been in contact with the people from datho and they have informed me that it's an actual comparability problem between keedox m8 and the datho programme. They told me that they were working on this, but could not promise a positive outcome.