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Full Version: [TMDB] How long does an update take to go live on Kodi?
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Hi guys,

I've made some changes to a couple of movie titles on TMDB. However, when hit "Movie information" or "TV show information" and then press "Refresh", I do not see the updates reflected on Kodi. I know for sure that TMDB is being used as my movie scraper, so either:

  1. I incorrectly assumed going to Movie information/TV show information and then pressing Refresh re-scrapes the movie/tv-show's information; or
  2. It takes some time for the update to be available for re-scraping by the TMDB servers; or
  3. Something else

If no.2, how long does it take for the update to 'go live'?

Thanks! Wink
you better ask this on TMDB as we don't control it