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Full Version: Retrieve watched Status from Kodi MySQL
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Hi there,
would it be possible to implement a function to retrieve the watched status of my media from an Kodi MySQL DB?

For people like me who don't want to use trakt anymore that would be useful. So i could let TMM update the watched status of the NFO's once a week or so and if the Kodi DB get currupted i could easily rebuild it.
Currently we work solely with NFOs, and not directly inside the DB.
NFO is kinda offline storage for Kodi import Tongue

Whilst we have planned such feature (and other nice functions we could trigger directly indisde Kodi), this is not yet on our plan for the next time.... i'm sorry.

But you might just export NFOs from Kodi for backup purposes?
No need for TMM since Kodi sets this on his own...?
4 Years later... 

Are there any news or any plan to get this integrated in TMM? I am in the same situation...

I ONLY use my KODI and a shared SQL DB on my NAS - everythink works like a charme.
But if i have to reinstall my KODI or due some other reasons, sometimes i have to renew my whole Database (2000+ Shows/Movies/Dokus,...).

In the last years from time to time i have to reinstall my DB and than the watched state is gone Sad

IT WOULD BE AWESOME if my KODI and TMM synchronisizes the watched state.

Smile Thanks
nope sorry - we support more than one media centers and won't integrate direct access to their DB;
you could use trakt.tv integration for this for example
There's a watched status addon in the kodi repo that will back up and restore.  I haven't used that for a while but the thread is still active and it's supported.
I use the Texture Cache Maintenance Utility from my pc.
With either of the above it's trivial to back up and restore watched status.