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Full Version: Timeshift not working
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Timeshifting doesn't work for me at all when using Live TV and is sporadic with Recorded TV.

Live TV: I was able to skip and seek using v15-rc2, but when I upgraded to the final release, I noticed the '<' and '>' keys didn't work anymore, and the HUD buttons for seeking were grayed out (dimmed).

Recorded TV: It just isn't smooth/accurate skipping or seeking at all. Fastforward/backward is fine though. I tried to skip forward on an OTA Live TV recording and sometimes it would skip forward, while other times it actually went back (3 forward presses for 1 minute to get past a commercial, may have brought it backwards a couple of commercials).
I question as to the method used for skipping and that perhaps it would be fine if the signal was 100% clean and my OTA just isn't clean enough.

So last night, I ended up compiling my own latest release from git for kodi, platform, kodi-platform, pvr.hts and tvheadend and there was NO difference in the result:
Kodi - 16.0-ALPHA1 Git:2015-07-31-06eef88
pvr.hts - 2.2.5
tvheadend - 4.1-361~gd9cf931 (HTSPv22)
OK, jumping/skipping seems to be working now.

The only change that has been made is the EPG has been made available again.
Previously I was using mc2xml to get the EPG which came from Microsoft, but I was no longer getting updates because of the transition to Rovi.
So I now use zap2it perl script to get the EPG data and now that I have EPG, I can now jump around in Live TV. I don't see the relation between the two, but whatever.
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