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Full Version: Confluence and MP3 scraping question...
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Hi all,

I've almost got my setup just the way I like it,..... I say almost, .. I've just one small problem,..

My small MP3 collection is being held on a network attached HD (not NAS), and all relevant Tag information has been already added, including cover images where necessary.

Now this is my small problem, Is it possible to scrape extra images of artists whilst MP3 is playing?

All MP3 details have been pulled in by Helix to the music library.

If I go to MUSIC and then "Artist" (first tab) then (for the sake of this question) right click "Artist information" I get "Discography" "Refresh" "Get Thumb" "Get FanArt"
Within Fanart I Have Current fanart and Remote Fanart,....

So lets say we have a track by Frank Sinatra playing, I have the DirectX Spectrum screensaver playing and also Lyrics work really well. How would one have Helix Display more than the single fanart Image whilst that particular mp3 is playing? or is it even possible...
Or do I need to turn something on?

Under "Music Settings"
I have Default service for album info - Universal Album Scraper
Default service for Artist info - Universal Artist Scraper
"Override song tags with online information" is set to "Off"
"Include artists who appear only on compilations" is set to "ON"
"Download additional information during updates" is set to "Off"
"Update library on startup" is also set to "Off"

any advice please chaps, or have I hit something that simply isn't available,.... I have a vague memory of setting up Frodo on a friends P.C ages ago and I seem to remember it pulling down extra images,... But there is a possibility that I'm thinking about something totally different.

Also this is to be setup for an ATV2, a Fire HD, and also IPad as well. I'm assuming that with the correct settings they should all work the same, (but none will working at the same time).

Sorry to the mods if this is in the wrong place, I did think it might be better served under the Music Scraper section but then thought it might be better under confluence, as it's these settings that I think I've got wrong/not correctly enabled.