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Full Version: New TRAKT focus issue under Kodi 14.2
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After the latest version of Trakt installed automatically the other day there's a focus issue that I don't know how to solve. I am using Kodi 14.2 with only a remote interface; the keyboard and mouse are usually buried in a cabinet. Previously, once a TV show or movie finished the Trakt dialog would pop up and I could use the remote left/right buttons to select my rating, press the center button to accept and that was that.

With the new version, the dialog pops up but the remote's left/right arrow keys no longer function. I have to retrieve the mouse and put focus on the Trakt box. Once I do that, the remote control arrow keys work and I can select my rating as I did with the old version. I can also use the mouse to make the rating and accept it. If I don't use the mouse, the only thing I can do with the remote is exit the Trakt box. Nothing else.

Any idea how to fix this one?
Thanks in advance.