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Full Version: Notifications queue up until I turn my TV on
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So I have the Yatse Notification Plugin app on my phone and it works great, but there's a tiny issue on Kodi's side where so long as my TV is off, it won't actually display the notifications but instead queue them up and wait for me to turn on my TV.
When I DO turn it on, I have to sit through however many notifications I recieved since the last time I turned my TV off, and that can be quite many.
Now I'm not sure if this issue has to do with Kodi itself, the skin I'm using, or the app I'm using to send notifications to Kodi, so please if you have any idea what could cause this let me know, but my instincts tell me it's not the Yatse app, because the notifications are already on Kodi when I turn on the TV (the Kodi client itself is always on).
So I'm assuming it's either Kodi itself or a setting in the skin I'm using.
I'm using the March 12,nightly of Kodi 15 Alpha 2, running atop a Kodibuntu dedicated pc and the skin is Titan MediaBrowser 3.2.66.
You should try tweeting yatse.
I had a query and tweeted them and they replied within 5 mins.
It's @yatseremote