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Full Version: Can't Play Movies on 2 of 4 Machines
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I just updated all of the htpc's in my house to move to kodi. 2 machines work great, 2 not so much. I'm out of ideas and would LOVE some help. I have the following...

PC w/ Openelec Kodi 14.1 = WORKS
Macbook w/ Kodi 14.1 = WORKS
PC w/ Openelec Kodi 14.1 = ERRORS
RaspberryPI w/ Openelec Kodi 14.1 = ERRORS

All machines have the same AdvancedSettings.xml which points them to the sources.xml on my WHS and a mysql db again on my WHS.

The top two machines are working brilliantly. The bottom two weren't seeming to pull in the libraries. After a couple reboots and a kick from my shoe they both show the movies, but when i try to play a movie it gives me the cannot find file...do you want to remove from library. Seems to be the same issue on both boxes with problems.

I have checked an i believe all 4 boxes are running the exact same version of kodi.

Here is my advancedsettings.xml

Here is my debug log where i tried to play 3:10 to Yuma

Anyone have any ideas? Let me know if it helps to include logs of either the other machine with issues or of one of the working machines.

Thanks in advance!
All I can see is
18:21:28 T:1807742016   DEBUG: GetImageHash - unable to stat url smb:// To Yuma/dmd-310yuma-poster.jpg

So you might want to see if that path is reachable from that computer.

Also, you might need to share you passwords.xml if you are using CIFS.
I havent used passwords.xml before, but have the logon and password in my advancedsettings.xml instead....but i went ahead an took your advice and made the file and substitution but got the same results.

I also decided to go to Videos - Files - Movies - 3.10 To Yuma to make sure the path is reachable. It is and the movie played going that route. So the issue must be with the connection with the sql library? What i dont understand, if that is the case why do two of the machines work perfectly fine with the same advancedsettings.xml which contains the same sql logon/pass?
Out of sheer frustration i deleted my entire sql database. I dont have everything loaded back in yet but it looks like things are working. I've tested 3 of the 4 machines. Not sure what the problem was exactly because i started with a fresh sql database when i started upgrading everything to kodi, but as long as it keeps working I'll be happy.