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Full Version: Problems with subtitles - DVBLogic PVR
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Running KODI 14.1 on Windows 8.1
DVBLogic Server (5.1) on Windows 2012 R2. Transcoding enabled.

PVR add on works well except for subtitles, which are embedded in videostream from DVBLogic Server.

In Kodi, LiveTV, under Audio-"tab"
- Subtitles enabled
- Search for subtitles
=> List if channels'
'Select appropriate channel'
=> Two external options are available under subtitles selection, which is ok
- Windows Media Center, Names of subtitles were available, but not here (not a big issue, but maybe part of problem)
=> 'OK'

==> LiveTV player freeze
- only option is to restart PC;-(

When doing same procedure again. No selections has been saved from previous attempt.

Any suggestions?

what kind of subtitles are in the stream?

- DVB teletext subs
- DVB subs
- Teletext subs
- Closed captions