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Full Version: Folders and files disappeared from external HDD
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Hi there,

I posted this at the OpenELEC forum already but this might be more of a general Linux-related thing here.

I have just noticed that I've lost the contents of one folder on my Chromebox with OE 5.0.5 installed (5.0.6 autoupdated after the issue). The folder and files were/are on an external, ext4-formatted USB HDD drive. It seems that the lost content should still be there as the reported free space is not higher than before. It's just that the folder doesn't show any contents and fsck doesn't find any problems with the filesystem.

I use FTP or an SMB share to connect to the Chromebox (transfer media with FTP, scrape with Ember Media Manager using a mapped network folder) with my Windows 7 PC.

The first time I noticed that there was something wrong was right after scraping one concert file, it didn't appear in the video library after updating the library in Kodi. EMM didn't seem to have any problems in scraping. I didn't start looking for the folders and files until last night after this second issue:

I transferred one series to the Chromebox external HDD last night and started scraping it with EMM. Usually it takes just 1-2 minutes to process a whole season but this time it seemed to freeze completely. Eventually it was able to process the files but it took like 5-10 minutes per episode. I then tried to playback the files but the player froze quite soon after starting a file and returned back to the library view after a while.

Then I tested downloading the troublesome files to my PC via FTP and it froze as well. Other, older files do not have this issue. The symptoms kind of point to ext4 "delayed writing problem" or whatever it is called.

I've not yet tried booting up a live Linux distro to see what testdisk can see.

Is there anything I can do to try to fix the issue? I'm pretty much Linux illiterate so fsck is the only thing I can think of. Thanks for any help - it already took me about a month to transfer all my files from my archives to the Chromebox so I really wouldn't want to start all over again..