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Full Version: Kodibuntu. Just the loading screen, then balck.....
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Is this something that is a known problem?

It looks like it loads normaly, but then it goes to black screen.. Can`t log into Lubuntu ether.

But, I can log in via Putty or see the files with SFTP.
I noticed that the gui xml file, was suddenly empty.. Don`t know why.
There is no logs where the logs should be.

I haven`t installed many addons, just youtube, Chrome Launcher and Missing movie scanner.
I have installed Chrome to the Lubuntu.

I have edited some to make my IR work (as mentioned here: 1956723 (post)). And updated the kernel to 3.18.4 i think it was.
Maybe it`s just to re install, and update the kernel and the third thing I did? (as mentioned in the first post)

But still curios of how this can suddelny happen?

As I`m not an Linux guy, this is not easy to understand nor search and find for me.