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Full Version: GSOC proposals due in two days!
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Remember everyone, while conversations are important here, Google doesn't know your proposal exists until you've also submitted on the GSOC site.


EDIT: Corrected link
(2015-03-18, 06:20)natethomas Wrote: [ -> ]Remember everyone, while conversations are important here, Google doesn't know your proposal exists until you've also submitted on the GSOC site.


Hi natethomas,

I tried to submit my proposal, but it fails with an error message: "This page is not accessible to users with student profiles."
Did I somethign wrong?
It's possible that exact link won't work. I don't have a student profile, so it's somewhat difficult to see what you guys see. If you just start at google-melange, you should be able to navigate to the project submission page.
(2015-03-18, 21:13)zag Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/homep...e/gsoc2015

Thanks for sharing this link. It's now working Wink
Yes, thank you for the reminder. I just misplaced my proof of enrollment for now, but it should be sorted out soon. In the worst scenario, I could just use my student card to get past the verification, but I would like to use something a bit more formal if possible.
Just bumping this as we are now half way through the proposal stage and have lots of forum threads.

But still only 6 projects submitted to google code officially. Get them in as soon as you can at this link.

You're right. I just submitted mine. I have had a lot of work to do for school these two last weeks, for my defense.
I am deducing from the comments that the two Kodi GSoC administrators are zag and natethomas, am I right ? Smile
There are more Wink
I am the only real administrator. All the others are mere pretenders to the admin throne!
Be sure to checkout this Student Manual for all the details and advice


Students can also visit Google's open-source blog to find out more important tips


Deadline is this Friday, March 27 at 19:00 UTC so not much time left
Just about 2 days left.
I see that four accepted Kodi projects are now listed on Google's website for GSoC 2015, and the accepted projects are for On-the-Fly Transcoding, Better Profile Support, Creating cross-platform room correction, and a NVIDIA GameStream client


Other projects that are indirectly related to Kodi, like FFmpeg, are also listed at https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proj...e/gsoc2015
Woohoo for game stream. Might get that RPi2 after all if gamesteam can simply run in kodi