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Full Version: [SOLVED] EPG scan with USALS motor/rotor
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I keep on with the configuration of the setup (almost at the end, so far everything resolved, well almost), but now I'm stuck.

I have a USALS motor. VDR is handling it fine, everything works as it should. Now comes the question of EPG:

Will VDR move the dish each time an EPG scan is scheduled for a channel? If yes, this would result in constant dish moving back and forth, something I would very much like to avoid. I can't really see if the dish is actually moving, as I don't have visual on the dish itself (it is on a top of the building).

1) do you know how VDR handles this?
2) if it moves the dish, is it possible to disable this and instruct VDR to grab the EPG only for channels from the satellite is is pointing now. Something like don't use usals for EPG grabbing option?

I run VDR backend + vnsi-server on a server and connect with Kodi clients over vnsi-plugin. Maybe this is important as I see vnsi triggers and EPG update periodically.
Nobody? I just can't seem to figure this out and how could I controll this?
I don't have a motor dish and can't test this scenario. Don't you get an answer for this in vdr forum?
No, unfortunately nobody answered at the vdr forums either. I should ask it in German, but I don't know. Would be great to know how this works, as I would really like to avoid constant movement of the dish, however, I miss few channels that are on other positions. Do you think you could help me with this, at German vdr forums?
You have to disable this option in setup.conf of VDR.

Please make sure you have the following settings:

Quote:EPGLinger = 0
EPGScanDailyNext = 0
EPGScanDailyTime = 0
EPGScanMaxBusyDevices = 1
EPGScanMaxChannel = 218
EPGScanMaxDevices = 1
EPGScanMode = 0
EPGScanTimeout = 3

Restart VDR after the changes.
Hope that helped.

Best regards.
Many thanks, I will try and see how this works! Can you tell me what these options mean? Will it disable epg scan completely or just the rotor movement?
Why is there 218 for epgscanmaxchannels?
I am not a VDR expert and do not have so much knowledge on it to confidently answer your questions.
I have a Reelbox Avantgarde 2 and 3 (running natively VDR). ReelVDR has the option of EPG scan in the skin implemented directly which I disabled in order to prevent constant moving of the USALS motor across 15 satellite positions in my channels.conf.
The 218 max channels is a default setting (I suppose).
The VDR has the option to scan the EPG when not in use. One could define different options, as "Always", "Once a week", "Never", etc. I just completely disable it. Of course you could try different options and chose the one which suits you best.

Kind regards.
I'm still having no luck with the rotor and epg configuration. Some of the options Alexandro suggested are not valid for VDR config file.
The only way I can prevent constant dish movement is ro set:

EPGScanTimeout = 0

but this completely disables epg scan, so I'm left without epg.

@FernetMenta maybe it is possible this can be done by VNSI plugin, as it triggers EPG updates to backend. Is it somehow possible to add an option to vnsi that can disable rotor usage when updating epg?
At the VDR portal Klaus replied to my question and provided a patch that disables rotor movement for EPG scan, and after testing for two days I can say it is working perfectly as it should. It will be included in VDR version 2.3.1, but if you need it now, you can add the code to the source and compile with that. For more information go to the VDR thread HERE

VDR was already the best PVR available, and now it is even more powerful if you are using rotor with DVB-S.

EDIT: all the epg settings should be adjusted as you like, so you can trigger EPG update as frequently as you wish, it will scan only the channels on the satellite position where the dish is pointed at.