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Full Version: Custom Home Menu
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I'm presently using the Amber skin with the vertical home menu. Amber allows items to be added and deleted from the home menu. This works, but clicking on the added items doesn't do anything. Additional configuration is required, but I could not find any documentation on this subject.

I want "Files", "Video", "Pictures", "Music", and "Setup" to appear in the top level (Home) menu. I want "Movies", "US TV", and "UK TV" to appear as separate choices under "Video". Kodi wants to merge "US TV" and "UK TV" together under "TV Shows" in the top level menu and will not allow "US TV" and "UK TV" as sub menu entries.

Is there a guide for custom menu configuration? Where do I start?
under Video - Files, setup a smart playlist, then add that name under the amber skin setup menu shelf.