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Full Version: Windows - My Lazy Client and Server Remote Shutdown
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Hi Chaps,

I few years ago I created these scripts so I could remotely shutdown my windows box that stores my movies and also my windows Kodi client. At the time what was available seemed like I had to click throgh too many stages to get what I wanted. Once you have these setup you can then create them as shortcuts under Programs for instance.

I am in no way a programmer so support questions will be hard for to answer as I cobbled this together one Saturday morning with a lot googling and it could be considered quite a dirty way of starting and stopping windows through php.

To begin with it's a little manual to get setup where as you'll need to copy some files into your Kodi (or XBMC) and edit some files to reflect mac, ip addresses but it's quite straight forward as I've provided some instructions for each element.

So basically you get 3 addons.

1: Wol remote windows box
2: Shutdown Kodi and remote Wwindows box
3: Shutdon remote Windows box

(all designed so I don't have to get ot of bed Smile )

Download from here and screw around with it to your hearts content Smile


(hmmm...maybe I should have posted this under Program Add-ons ?)
Hello FlashPan,

Do you still have these addons and can you make them available again ? (your link is not working)
Your scripts/addons are exact;y what I am looking for (the shutdown addon).


I don't have any webspace anymore. But I'll see if I can reshare it from somewhere.


Were you able to reshare your scripts or do you have an alternative?