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Full Version: Bug/Glitch Need Help adding favorited items to menu
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Just as the title says. I installed Transparency, got everything the way I want it - looks awesome.

The catch is that I have an issue adding favorited items to the front menu. I highlight the option to add a favorite but it will not let me select it or add anything.

The same thing is happening on both a Raspberry Pi running OpenElec 5.0.6 Kodi 14.2-RC1 ... I am also running into the same problem on a Laptop also running the same version of OpenElec.

Need help pls and thx
please describe in detail what you mean by: "it will not let me select it or add anything"
i need a step-by-step explanation of what you're doing, on which screen.
provide a Debug Log and some screenshots.
Thanks for the fast reply. I will start with the screenshots. I should add that it does not matter what skin with custom menus I try - same result it will not let me select any favorited items to put on the menu.

I will run thru an example here with screenshots, then I will post again when I look up how to give a debug log because it does not give me any error messages or anything and I've never done it before.

It does not matter whether I try to do it under TV, Favorites, Custom, etc. - The option highlights, but when I try to select it, nothing happens at all.


So I restarted Kodi, went to try to add a favorited item into the menu, backed out and uploaded the log file.

I also thought maybe it does not let me select favorites that were added before I installed the skin, so I favorited some random things, went back to try to put them on the menu but got the same result.
that's not a Debug Log so i can't tell for sure...
most likely cause would be you're missing the favourites addon.
you can get it from here: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons/helix/scri...-6.0.1.zip
I shall try that.... andddd IT WORKED thanks! I thought I saw it install as a dependency when I used Total Installer to install the skin. But I guess not. Thanks again for your help I appreciate it.