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Full Version: Buttons and listviews: Using different images?
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i'm in the process of designing a complete skin for xbmc (a complete look, with logo etc), that i plan to make into an actual skin once xbmc goes into beta stage, or at least when new feature additions slow down a bit, so i won't have to change the xml files every day.
however, i was poking around the default skin a bit, and it seems that the regular gui buttons (used for "view as list", "scan" aswell as the start screen buttons) and the listview panels use the same images, and i couldn't find a way to change which image should be used by the listview. so i'm wondering if that is possible at all? obviously this would be important to how the skin would be designed Smile
as i said though, i've only looked through the files real quick, so i might have missed something, in which case i apologise Smile
yes its possible

a list control uses the following images which you can change freely:

Quote:      <textureup>scroll-up.png</textureup>

<texturefocus> and <tetxturenofocus> are the images used for the buttons in the list control
the others are used for the up/down spin control which allows you to select a different page


must've missed that.. thanks a lot for the info.