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Full Version: Announcement: code is now stable
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urgh hell no im not putting time into it Smile was simply wondering
Is there a ETA for the first test-version? *me_hiding* Wink
(2015-04-17, 08:01)Solo0815 Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a ETA for the first test-version? *me_hiding* Wink

We never give ETAs.
(2015-04-17, 08:16)natethomas Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-04-17, 08:01)Solo0815 Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a ETA for the first test-version? *me_hiding* Wink

We never give ETAs.
of course, but garbear said, he "... is a little behind on his 1st April estimate ...". Thats why I asked
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NES already works with keyboard input Wink
Depends on what you are expecting...
I must have left a few more TODOs in the code than I thought, because for the last week or two I've just been fixing bugs and finishing TODOs. there's a few bugs left (like button maps save but don't load) and things are coming together nicely.

One cool new feature that I implemented a few days ago is joystick support on OSX. I'm sure that'll be appreciated by some.

Over the next two months I'll be traveling a lot so updates will pretty much stop. I'll make sure to ship something before I leave, and if I can polish off these last few bugs that'll be even better.
Hi, so what needs to be compiled after compiling the basic kodi from your isengard branch to get the nes working? The addons as in tree build are enough? I tried to start a rom yesterday but didnt get at it and was to tired to look closer at it Smile

For you scraping efforts, is the heimdall already integrated or is this a todo?

The subentries of my menu entry "games" were somehow cluttered with multiple overlapping ui elements. I guess this is related to somewhere in the skin?

Sorry for the questions, im trying to figuring all this stuff out so i can be of help Big Grin
Yea, the add-ons need to be compiled in a separate build step. You'll want peripheral.joystick, game.libretro, and game.libretro.nestopia. I documented the various ways to compile the add-ons in their Readmes.

I think you can build multiple add-ons at once, e.g. cmake -DADDONS_TO_BUILD="peripheral.joystick game.libretro game.libretro.nestopia ...

On OSX I do cd tools/depends && make -C target/binary-addons ADDONS="peripheral.joystick game.libretro game.libretro.nestopia"

The cluttered "games" submenu is a bug in the skin XML, i think the skin includes got messed up in the last rebase. too lazy to muck around with the xml Smile it was basically a c/p job from another part of the xml

Heimdall is still on the menu. Heimdall itself is relatively advanced, scrapers are written in python declaratively and the inference engine figures out which scrapers to use for the various fields. Integrating this into Kodi will take some work.

Also, key mapping is incredibly primitive ATM. Press "t" to open the controller configuration window and map keys or joystick buttons. Some pictures are missing. The buttonmap is saved to userdata/addon_data/peripheral.joystick/buttonmap.xml, but there's a bug loading it so restarting Kodi will lose all your key mappings. have fun until i fix this bug Wink
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