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Full Version: Kodi 14.1 instead of 14.2 install linux
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After upgrade to 14.2 the add-on Free Streams none of the streams are working on my ubuntu kodi. i have a windows version with 14.1 and there are no problems. Tried different add-on versions and conclude that it must be the kodi version.
And it's not only FS but have problems with USTVNow as well. add-ons I frequently use!

Why can't i install a 14.1 linux version from anywhereHuh?Sad
Even tried this to install...

sudo apt-get install kodi=2:14.1* kodi-bin=2:14.1*
I have XBMC 12.3 loaded on one Android box and 14.2 on another, and 14.1 on a windows PC. Free Streams (ver 0.0.2) are not working on any system for me.