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Full Version: KodiBuntu caching?
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Hello there,

I've been using KodiBuntu for quite a while on my HTPC now, but it keeps buffering alot, now I have a SSD in there (not on power atm, but easy to do attach it) which I want to use for buffering to.

this is my drive setup (consisting of 2 drives):
- Internal Compact Flash card (8GB) <--- don't use for buffering
- Adata SP900 (128GB) <--- use this for buffering

so according to that 'schematic' how do I use that SSD for buffering?

to the mods: if this is in the wrong section, move it
extra message: this might be asked alot on the forums, but due to a disorder I have, I prefer to make a seperate thread to get better to the point