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Full Version: New to Kodi 14.2 and having freezing issues
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Hi All

I am have some freezing issues with my 14.2 Kodi install.

I am running on a quad core Ubuntu 14.10 computer

- I've increased the Buffer
- Decreased the buffer
- stopped the buffer
- changed video drivers
- Changed drivers back

One day it will work fine then the next day it will start freezing or skipping every few mins.

Here is my Debug log


I love this program and want to see it working perfectly

THanks all
1. Remove all those banned addons and repositories. It's hard to get support in here while those are installed

2. Don't use sftp for your local network. SFTP is encrypted and the machine, which plays the content, has to decrypt it first. Try using nfs or smb instead. Depending on which os you use on the host pc
Ok I'll work on those items first then post a log file after that is done if the issue is still happening.

The Op misses: mesa-vdpau-drivers to use vdpau
(2015-04-04, 18:53)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]The Op misses: mesa-vdpau-drivers to use vdpau

I'm not sure what you mean.
Ok so I removed alot of addons and changed the skin back to default

Then copied the same file that I've been testing with to the local drive and I still get skipping.

I don't see the SFTP being the issue

here is an updated debug log

Ok so here is what I've done so far

- Changed Video Card (Still NVIDIA but better)
- Upgraded to latest driver
- Killed old settings (.kodi)
- Reloaded files
- Added new skin
- Added TV Shows
- Added Video add ons

Then I shut off the computer for the night.
Next day turn on system and video is skipping again.
&^%&^(*&^* driving me nuts. LOL


Any Ideas?
Post a screenshot of your video settings, please
You play from sftp. Play from local disk and revisit
fritsch....can it be, that vdpau has problems with the resolution?

10:50:47 T:140168408647424 NOTICE: (VDPAU) screenWidth:1280 vidWidth:1280 surfaceWidth:1280
10:50:47 T:140168408647424 NOTICE: (VDPAU) screenHeight:528 vidHeight:528 surfaceHeight:528

and yes...still wondering why using sftp?!
Nope, don't think so
(2015-04-05, 20:27)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]You play from sftp. Play from local disk and revisit

Ok I played a file located on my Desktop
Same skipping issue


Thanks everyone for helping me with this!!!
Is it this file only? Only mpeg-4? You might to turn on vdpau for mpeg-4 (just as a test) ...
(2015-04-06, 00:42)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Is it this file only? Only mpeg-4? You might to turn on vdpau for mpeg-4 (just as a test) ...

Happens with all files
Boot OpenElec from a stick and check.