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Full Version: DVBLink PVR client
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I recently switched from Windows Mediacenter (MCE) to Kodi 14.2, running on Windows 7 64 bit.
I use DVB Link server on my Synology NAS for recordings and the DVBLink PVR Client is activated in Kodi.
I works great and stable. The recordings are stored on the NAS in MPEG-2 TS-Video format.
Playback works great too.
BUT!!! My wife likes to watch recordings at 2 x speed. Doing this, the sound is muted, which is NOT what I (she) wants.
MCE was able to do this.
Playing the MPEG-2 TS-Video file in VLC is possible at 2 x speed with audio.
So I guess it isn’t a hardware problem.
Is there a way to get it working with the default player?
Alternative to use another default player? In this case I don´t want to use shortcuts to choose form a list of players. In short, I want to press “PLAY” on the remote and the recorded file starts playing at normal speed. If I press the FF button on the remote, I want 2 x speed with audio.
Your question is about the DVBLink PVR, this is the subforum of the DVBViewer PVR. I'll therefor move your thread.
@manül/betor, DVBLink is not the same thing as DVBViewer, as DVBLink is made by DVBLogic and DVBViewer is made by A.I.S., Ltd.

@manül/betor, please see 221565 (thread) and 220612 (thread)
(2015-04-08, 12:57)RockerC Wrote: [ -> ]@manül/betor, [...] and DVBViewer is made by A.I.S., Ltd.
This is wrong. DVBViewer is made by CM&V Hackbart. A.I.S. Ltd. only created their website.
Anyway, this thread was posted in the DVBViewer PVR subforum, which it clearly didn't belong. So I've moved it.
Any chance of a separate folder for DVBLink queries, there seem to be more than enough posts to justify it?

(2015-04-12, 14:20)oliroe Wrote: [ -> ]Any chance of a separate folder for DVBLink queries, there seem to be more than enough posts to justify it?
Suggest that you all post your request for that here to help show demand 221565 (thread)
Any response to the actual question?

I also use x2 speed for recorded TV News (they speak so slow) with WMC. I would like to move to Kodi so this question is of great interest.
I am sorry to tell you, that I haven´t gotten any help.
There might be a workaround, by making a <playercorefactory> file
223683 (thread)
I haven´t tried this, though