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Full Version: Transparency! for Kodi Helix 14.x
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Transparency! - A Fanart Skin v7.1.5

for Kodi Helix 14.x

Home Window:

Fanart View:

Slide View with trailer preview:

Wall View:

Music Fullscreen:

Weather Screen:

Transparency! v7.1.5 is now available through the xbmc addon system:
Settings > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > XBMC.org Add-ons > Skin > Transparency!

additionally you can download the weather fanart pack: Weather Fanart
and select it in Skin Settings > Backgrounds > Weather > Conditional > Options > Path
also available are the Video Genre Fanart & Music Genre Fanart packs.
Skin Settings > General > Videos/Music - Use genre backgrounds, and select the path where you have stored these fanart packs.

New users, old info:
What is Transparency!? Short answer: a fanart skin. The main goal of Transparency! is showing your fanart, fullscreen, in all of the views, all of the time.
Besides this, it also tries to support every neat new feature xbmc has to offer. To save everyone a lot of time and trouble hacking the xml code themselves,
all of these new features are already included in the skin, pre-configured and enabled by default (wherever possible).

Questions / Problems:
- First thing to do is read the FAQ
- If that leaves your question unanswered, please post it in a new thread.
(please include xbmc version and the plaform you're using. a screenshot and a Debug Log can be very helpful too!)

Thanx to all the translators and bug testers!
Special thanx to everyone submitting feature suggestions!
And last but not least, a big thanx to Jezz_X for the great PM3.HD skin and to everyone who's contributing to XBMC by coding, scripting, designing or just by posting new ideas.
Hi Ronie,

I use Transparency! since more than a year.
Running openelec on a RPI B (without displaying all recent stuff and an overclock to 900Mhz, using MySql), it was just a little bit laggy when I navigate (420 movies, 3600 TV show episodes, 80 concerts and 17 000 songs / 1 500 artists) and I use a lot extrafanart in 1080p (more than 7 500).
Just got a RPI 2 (no overclock), enable all option on transparency, cache all artwork with texturecache.py (option c, cache.extrafanart = yes in texturecache.cfg file). This is flying ! Now I can really enjoy your theme. Thanks a lot !
Hey Ronie, I've also used transparency for almost a year - without a doubt best skin out there !! I've used the Hebrew version made by tomer953.
I've moved to tomer953's new skin "Phenomenal", but I wanted to say thanks for A truly amazing skin !