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Full Version: Additional cores
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Hello Garbear,
I was looking at the different cores that libretro has and wondering if we can add extra cores to retroplayer. If so how could we add them?

For example I found this core
for cps2.

Would it be wise to hunt down specific cores and list them down to be included?

Sorry I might be completely off track here...
github.com/kodi-game - those 50 cores not enough for you ?
(2015-04-06, 20:06)grumpygamer Wrote: [ -> ]For example I found this core (...) for cps2.

Are you looking specifically for CPS2? Final Burn Alpha (https://github.com/kodi-game/game.libretro.fba) emulates CPS1/2/3 so there is no need for a special CPS2 core.
Thanks I did not know that.
Though specifically I was hoping for an Atomiswave core.
Maybe that is already emulated in another core as well?
Atomiswave is based on the Sega NAOMI board and AFAIK there is currently no emulation core for libretro available. By looking at the released games on that board, you may be lucky with MAME for some of them.
Yep, so this is my point; if a core is ever ported would we be able to just plonk the code in or would it need integration with retroplayer?
They'd have to marginally be adapted in that they're binary addons and need to be built for the OS you want to play them on, but once that was done, you'd be able to plonk them in just like any other Kodi Addon.
There are also at least 2 libretro-cores that require support of the libretro-gl extension (which is not part of garbears stable branch).
  • mupen64
  • ppsspp

While mupen64 is quite straigth forward the ppsspp core needs some more tweeking.
It has additional files that need to be placed on your system and compile time dependencies on other libretro stuff.
This should be handled by the binary addon too, so I think this one might be a bit more work to add.
Thanks for the info