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Full Version: MOI+ IPTV + TVheadend
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After swapping from a Win7 PC server running Mediaportal to a QNAP NAS, I'm looking to reinstate the PVR on my install using my existing TBS card. One very neat solution seems to be the MOI+

Anyone used one, any feedback? Google seems to bring up very little in regards reviews, stability, issues with Kodi etc.

This is the item: http://www.buydvb.net/index.php?main_pag...cts_id=110 for a single card, or:

This for dual card: http://www.buydvb.net/moi-pro-dvb-iptv-s...p-103.html

Thanks for any info.
There's a review of the single card unit at https://freetoairamerica.wordpress.com/2...signals-2/ but I don't know if it covers your proposed usage case.

One thing I notice is that review was written last September and it shows the version of the MOI+ firmware as 1.0.1, and if you look on the TBS website today, it still shows the firmware version as being 1.0.1. Since I believe TVHeadEnd is included in the firmware, you could be getting a version of TVHeadEnd that is a bit old. I do not know if it's possible to update TVHeadEnd independently of the firmware or not - I suppose it would be for anyone skilled in Linux, but it's not something I would personally attempt.
Thanks, that's a good point. They seem to answer the comments / questions on their site so I'll post a question about updates to TVheadend and see what they say. I've read that review but was a while back so hoped others had more recent experience. Pending their feedback on updates I'll probably buy it in the next week or two so will post up my experience and review. I've never used TVheadend so hoping its as good / better than mediaportal. I've seen a recent video on youtube of Kodi/TVheadend and the channel changes were very slow. Is this still true of tvheadend?

Quote:Could you confirm if the TVheadend software can be updated independently of the MOI+ firmware, and what is the process for this?

Quote:Firstly, thank you very much for your email requesting information of our product . TVheadend software can not be updated independently of the MOI+ firmware at present.
For more technical questions, we recommend you email to TBS support side: [email protected]

I'll follow up with 'Jack' and post his reply also. Based on the above, it may not be such a great choice unless the firmware is actively updated to stay current with TVheadend.
its possible to update TVH in older MOI by building it from source, not sure how different MOI+ is from it.

I have build it using buildroot but some manual editing is needed to select latest version
IIRC, Adam Sutton was playing with one when they were first released. While he's relatively quiet on the development side (something to do with work, a real life, or a similar excuse), he is still on tvheadend IRC, so maybe ask over there to see if he/anyone knows anything more - #hts on Freenode.
He was working on original MOI and that's what's included in buildroot. I have no idea how different MOI+ is
Thanks for the info, although a lot of what has been said is outside of my wheelhouse knowledge-wise. I've emailed this 'Jack' contact so will see what they say about the MOI+ and Pro updating. If they don't provide any info I'll start looking into the above route. (building from source etc.)

I wouldn't spend that much money just to get a dual tuner. From what I've heard the MOI+ can't handle descrambling so you're out of luck if you want to watch pay TV.
Thing is I've already got a dual S2 card I was using in a windows server. I've decommissioned that for a QNAP NAS, so it's either build a small dedicated linux box just for the TV card, or buy a MOI box. As they're designed to work together it seemed the logical choice. I only use it for FTA channels (UK Freesat HD)
(2015-04-10, 15:29)negge Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't spend that much money just to get a dual tuner. From what I've heard the MOI+ can't handle descrambling so you're out of luck if you want to watch pay TV.

sorry, but that's not true... it has issues handling 2 high bitrate HD channels(think S*y UK HD football) but can easily handle anything else

EDIT: wait, MOI+ ? .. hm, not sure of that but MOI certainly can ...
The MOI+ is the successor to the MOI so I'd assume its a step forward not backwards
the TBS brand has released a professional version :MOI Pro,it has more functions.