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Full Version: Universal Album Scraper and Fanart.tv music artwork
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Gday There,

Ive recently tagged all of my music (803 albums) with Music Brainz Picard.

Im running Openelec 5.0.6 on my Front end with Universal Album Scraper to get my artwork. Im at about 90% artwork scraped so far. (Album covers, Artist Covers and Artist Backgrounds)

This add-on is set to get artwork from Fanart.tv , however since signing up to Fanart.tv and uploaded several missing artworks (Which have been approved) and are visible on the site, i cannot for the life of me get Kodi to scrap them.

Ive already tried forcing refresh on all missing albums, but no luck.

How can i check if this is a universal album scraper issue or possibly a fanart.tv issue ?

Some examples example are - Van Morrison "Duets: Re-working the catalogue" Link

San Cisco - "Gracetown" Link

Hopefully this makes sense. Cool

Cheers and Happy Easter