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Full Version: Fire TV Stick Micro Stutter
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I've been researching an issue that I have now experienced using Helix 14.1 and SPMC 14.1 on my Fire TV Stick. Every so often, I get a video and audio micro stutter. If I'm looking very closely I can usually pick this up about once a minute and when I'm not looking for it I can pick it up a few times throughout an average 30 minute TV show, or more during a movie. It happens to both the video and the audio. The average person might not notice these micro stutters, but they are definitely there.

From what I've read, it seems there is an issue with Android and videos recorded at 23.976 fps? I haven't been able to find too much information on the topic to conclude if this is just a Fire Stick limitation or something that I can actually fix. Any input on this topic would be greatly appreciated or if there is any more information I can provide to help TS this problem. Thanks in advance!
Android does not auto switch to the frame rate of the movie which will lead to glitches on material that is not 30/60 frame rate.
Thank you. So this is just a limitation of using the Fire Stick? Is there any kind of work around here, being that the majority of my content is 23.976 I'd be happy to just set it for that frame rate if possible. I keep reading about how the Fire TV Stick is such a great choice for using Kodi but this seems to be a huge limitation, especially for any video/audiophiles. This is what leads me to believe there is something that can be done, or something I am missing.
this is a limitation of android and some ARM SOCs
I'm still very confused. When I bring up the video stats during playback, it says it's playing at 23.98 FPS and that the video I'm watching is 23.976. Wouldn't that mean I should not be getting a stutter do to this issue? I think I just don't understand this concept at all and I'm having trouble finding any solid resources on this topic. Could someone put this limitation into laments terms for me? I'm just extremely disappointed as I read so many good things about using the Fire TV or Stick for Kodi, but this micro stutter is unacceptable. If there is nothing that can be done I will have to go with a couple of Raspberry Pi's instead. Maybe I'm experiencing another type of issue? Could posting a log help decipher what might be going on?
The codecinfo (wiki) screen is notorious for containing inaccurate or confusing information. I wouldn't trust it at all.
no, you are just misinterpreting it. The fps value _doesn't_ show the display refresh rate, but the rate your video is playing.
see also 1973155 (post)
Here is something interesting. I have two fire sticks with SPMC on them. One on a 50" Sanyo, the other on a 36" Vizio. The Vizio TV has no stutter whatsoever, plays smooth as butter. Thought it might be the fire stick so I moved the Sanyo stick to the Vizio TV and again, no stutter whatsoever. Moved that stick back to the Sanyo TV and the stutter is back. I'm also thinking that the stutter might just be the audio. It is hard to tell but I can't be sure if the video stutters along with the audio or not. Anyway, thought that was odd, any input on this? Crappy Sanyo TV perhaps?
Reset to factory settings and install Kodi again? Backup the "good" stick and recover the settings on the bad stick?
That's the thing, there is no good stick. They both seem to play fine on the Vizio TV, when I play on the Sanyo TV I get the weird stutter.
Distance to wifi router? Check the signal on the bad tv?
(2015-04-08, 23:41)Cataligh Wrote: [ -> ]That's the thing, there is no good stick. They both seem to play fine on the Vizio TV, when I play on the Sanyo TV I get the weird stutter.

I think some TV's are smarter and "smooth" the 24p to 60p transition to hide the stutter.
Thank you everyone. I'm just going to chalk it up to the TV.