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Full Version: Updates Button Disabled?
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The "Action" Update Library on the side bar is disabled. So is the Update Addon Button on any Video Addon under System.

How can I update the addons? Issue is any Movies/Tv shows listed are only from March 23rd or before.
Bump, with more info

I have a Carbon5 OTT TV box
Cortex-A9 8x GPU Mali-450
2GB Ram 7 8GB FlashAndroid 4.4
Network is hard wired to Bell Fibe 12/10, Might be 15/10, not sure ATM

Upgraded to Kodi 4.2, but had same issue with 4.1.

Not sure what else may be important. Was hoping it was a simple setting option in an xml file. New to Kodi and Android, so very out of my element.