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Full Version: KODI4SMARTIE - Kodi DLL for LCD Smartie
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Kodi4Smartie is a DLL plugin for LCD Smartie(http://lcdsmartie.sourceforge.net/) which listens for notification from Kodi and displays information on a 2 line LCD character display. While the default line width is 20 character there is no reason it can't be configured for a short or longer width.


1) Download the zip file containing the Kodi4Smartie DLL and associated files.
2) Extract the files
3) Copy the kodi4smartie.dll and the kodi4smartie.cfg to the LCD Smartie plugins folder.
4) Copy the cpprest12025.dll to the LCD Smartie folder.

The DLL provides the following LCD Smartie functions:

Function 1: Is meant to be displayed on line 1 of an LCD display. It shows title information as well as other navigation information (FF, rew, Volume)

Function 2: Is meant to be displayed on line 2 of an LCD display. Upon initial playing of a title Kodi4Smartie shows various lines of information about the title. It then shows current progress in a title.

Function 3: Lets you know if Kodi is running. It can be used for custom actions inside LCD Smartie.

Function 4: Displays the current version of the Kodi4Smartie DLL. Not really useful unless you are unsure which version of the DLL you are running.

Configuring LCD Smartie

In the lcd Smartie setup window for line 1 & 2 enter the following:


Configure the following for both lines:

Enable "Don't scroll this line"
Disable "Continue on next line"
Disable "Center Text"


Kodi4Smartie listens for the following notifications from Kodi


When the dll receives notifications it will display different information based on which notification is received and which player you are using (movie, song, picture, tv).


While I have tried to make Kodi4Smartie somewhat configurable it is also based on what I wanted to see on each screen.

See the Kodi4Smartie.cfg file for information about configuring kodi4smartie.

Source Code

The source code is open source under GPLv3. We will gladly accept any modification as long as they fit into the project. Source code can be found at kodi4smartie.codeplex.com


I primarily use Kodi for viewing movies. While there is support for in the DLL for displaying information about TV, Music and Pictures I have done little testing in this area.

This project has no relation to the project known as xbmc4smartie. It is completely different code
Fixed an issue with looking for the config file in the wrong location. Should be in the plugins directory. Was looking for it in my home directory..doh!

Updated to beta 2.

Can be found here https://kodi4smartie.codeplex.com/releases/view/613044
can't find a download on codeplex?
Sorry about that. I just fixed it.

Let me know if you have any issues.
this is a very good plugin, but more flexibility over what is displayed (like XBMC4LCDSMARTIE has) would be awesome!
(2015-05-24, 18:39)PhilYHC Wrote: [ -> ]this is a very good plugin, but more flexibility over what is displayed (like XBMC4LCDSMARTIE has) would be awesome!


Its The Reason Im Still Using (XBMC4LCDSMARTIE)
Thanks for your input I will look into add functionality to to make it more flexible. Is there anything in particular you want first?
ideally, being able to call a specific field ie title, artist, album etc
this would also make life easier to switch screens.
ok, I was finally able to find some time to make the code changes. Here is what I came up with so far. You can retrieve data using the following dll command

$dll(kodi4smartie,5, method ,item)



I still need to add some more error checking and test some more methods out. I hope to have something to show in a couple of days.

Stay tuned.
any more news on this yet?
Uploaded a v1.1 alpha last night. I have not had alot of time to play with this but it appears to work. Here are the release notes. If you have any issues let me know and I will try and fix them as soon as possible.


Adds function 5 to the dll to retrieve custom data.

returns the percentage done from the current title being played.

returns the minutes into the current title being played.

returns the current player type. (for exmaple, video)
all good so far, but i have no idea how to display a track/album/artist title?

update, am now getting an access violation error?
Just uploaded a new version with a fix.


should get the album and title
i'm still getting an access violation error:

[DLL: Access violation at address 6C3F856A in module 'kodi4smartie.dll'. Read of address 00000000]

whic is odd, as it worked for around 10 mins last night, then i got the above.
That is a NULL reference. What are you using for the $dll string? What are you playing on kodi? music, video? It probabl a case I am not handling correctly.
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