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Full Version: Does Anybody know what this means?
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Hi guys Does anybody know what this means or more Importantly how to change it as I suspect this is the cause of my problem


The problem is after updating to Kodi I have no picture only sound unless the 3 boxes in accelaration are unticked or I pick Software,

Which makes the picture unwatchable jumpy and choppy and problems with the audio.

I searched the forums and saw that enabling supersu should fix it however it doesnt work for me, I suspect because of that message that appears on kodi startup everything else is granted just that one seems off to me.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks guys.
if kodi is telling you to chmod 666 /sys/class/video/disable_video, your android box firmware is broken.
This file(and possibly some others) needs to be writeable for normal users for AML hardware decoding to work.
Ok Thank you for the answer. The only thing I could do was go back to Xbmc and it works again.Time for an upgrade if I want to use Kodi.